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Including Children in Worship

If we want our children to become true worshippers of God, then they need to see worship as more than just singing songs on Sunday morning. They need to understand that daily obedience, giving of their whole selves, and loving others are all integral components of genuine worship. Below are some creative ways to engender this more holistic view of worship.

Daily obedience to God

These are some ideas to celebrate acts of obedience and help children's associate obedience with worship.

  • Allow children to share stories in their small groups of what they did during the week to worship God through obedience.

  • Provide time at the beginning of your church worship service for children to share their experiences of obedience to God and to other authority figures in their lives.

  • Allow children who share to select a song to lead others in worshipping God together. Choose songs that emphasize the need for obedience.

Giving of your whole self

We know that real worship involves the giving of our whole selves ...

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