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Our Outreach Story Contest Winners

Be encouraged by these amusing and/or humbling moments.

A few weeks back, we asked for your humbling/embarrassing outreach stories. Well, the five winning entries have been chosen! Check them out below and see if you can relate.

When I was a junior in college, working on my ministry degree, several of my classmates and I decided that we would do some door-knocking in the neighborhoods near our campus. As the day progressed, we made several good contacts, but one of the houses that we came to will always stand out.

A teenage girl answered the door, so we asked if we could speak to her parents, but she got really nervous. We assured her that we were from the Christian university in town and could come back at another time, and she got even more nervous. Finally she told us that her dad was one of the security officers at our university–the one who wrote the majority of the parking tickets. She was afraid that we were going to come back and TP her house!

JD Eddins

Searcy, Arkansas

As a relatively new missionary in Brazil a few years back, we had the ...

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