Reggie McNeal: 4-phrase definition of The Missional Church

Reggie McNeal, missional specialist for Leadership Network, spoke about his new book, Missional Renaissance (Wiley):

As people emerged from the Renaissance, they could no longer think about the world the same way. Copernican heliocentric view of the solar system, for example, changes the way people view the sky. Similarly, changes are affecting how we view the world and church. These changes may be the biggest since the Reformation. "Doing church better" won't matter, since we've got the best churches we've ever had.

The Missional Church is:

the people of God,

We've been brought up in a world where church is a what, an it, something outside of me, something I go to, something I support, something I bring friends to. But the missional movement is about who. Until we get this, we will never join God in the streets where he is doing most of his work. Wherever I am, the church is already planted. Instead of planting "a" church, we plant "the" church.

partnering with him,

It's not our mission; ...

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