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Dave Gibbons' Hardcore Lent

Could you give up exercise, sex, and social media for 40 days?

Do you dare?

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 9th. The purpose of lent is for prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial. It could be a grueling 46 days. People ask me about the options for observing this season of the church calendar. Well, here's a list that is a bit different. It's a top ten hardcore ideas for Lent 2011.

1. Don't Lock Your Doors. Do we hide behind gated walls and doors too much? Do we need that much security? Maybe keeping open doors reminds us it's not healthy to live alone. Be radically welcoming! Throw more parties with people you don't know. (Btw, that's what hospitality really means in the Holy Book- welcoming strangers.)

2. Don't Wear Makeup. This was inspired by someone close to me who loves her glow. This individual mentioned to me that not wearing makeup it helped her to focus on other aspects of beauty. Btw, if you're wondering I do like make up. . . on other people.

3. Fast from Chocolate. Did this last year. It's harder than you think!

4. Fast from Sex. ...

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