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The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 3- Lady Gaga & Science vs. Faith

Featuring guest Jed Macosko.

In Episode 3 of The Phil Vischer Podcast, Phil, Skye, and Christian discuss pop culture, Lady Gaga, and Hindu weddings before interviewing Wake Forest biophysicist Jed Macosko. Download and listen from iTunes.

Macosko is a leading physicist at Wake Forest University whose dedication to making science more appealing to middle-schoolers and masters' candidates alike has been celebrated by other scholars and the White House. With research interests spanning biophysics, thermodynamics, and drug discovery, Macosko helped develop a video game that teaches middle school students advanced cellular science, and more importantly, how to love it. He discusses the challenges, and blessings, of at the center of the science versus faith debate.

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