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Egyptian Christians and Prophetic Politics

Amid upheaval, Egypt's Christians work to balance political engagement with non-partisan faith.

The aftermath of 2010/11's Arab Spring revolutions had deeply mixed results for Christians across the Middle East. The political unrest (usually sparked for worthy motives) frequently suspended laws or enforcement energy that protected vulnerable churches and Christian communities.

This has been felt sharply by many Christians in Egypt, where crime has been soaring, accompanied by widespread persecution.

Over the past few weeks, grassroots political protests in Egypt have deposed President Morsi and suspended the country's constitution. Morsi's leanings toward fundamentalist Islam were a key reason for Christian involvement in the protests. While the change has occasioned more violence and persecution, including the killing of a Coptic priest, influential Egyptian Christians are speaking in support of the re-revolution.

Christianity Todayreports on the recent vocal support of the revolution by Egypt's Coptic Orthodox pope Tawadros II, who tweeted on July 2nd:

"It's wonderful to see the Egyptian ...

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