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Questions Make Christians

Asking non-religious people about God revolutionized my ministry.

When I started my church, our vision was to be the presence of Christ in our neighborhoods and work places. We called our small groups "Living Rooms" and we hoped that those groups would "move into their neighborhoods."

That meant building relationships with our neighbors, tangibly loving people through service, and welcoming people into our homes. Our people took this seriously. They hosted barbeques at their homes, inviting their "lost" neighbors over. They built relationships with them. One Sunday each month, we left our seats and went out and served our neighbors so that we could demonstrate to them that God loved them.

After a couple years of building relationships and loving people, our Living Room leaders came back and said, "OK. We've built these relationships. We're ready to take the next step. We want to know how to engage our neighbors in a conversation about God. We want to begin to tell them about what we believe. I guess we ...

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