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Ministry in the Digital Age

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Ministry in the Digital Age Strategies and Best Practices for a Post-Website World
By David T. Bourgeois (IVP, 2013)

The Facts: This is a practical guide for ministry leaders who want to hone their thinking on digital strategy. Bourgeois draws on his considerable experience in the business, tech, and ministry world to offer a broad introduction to digital engagement for ministry leaders. Topics include social media, web analytics, privacy, and security.

The Slant: This is a very strong "all in one" resource, especially if you have not had a formal digital strategy in the past. Bourgeois's clear explanations of various tools and digital philosophies are excellent. With that said, digital natives, or those leading organizations with up-to-date digital abilities, won't find any of this to be breaking news. Yet it's a worth-while resource, especially for novices. Even web veterans will find one or two practical takeaways or new best practices for online ministry.—Paul Pastor

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