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Our Best on the Teamwork of Ministry

These 11 resources will help your team work together as one body made up of many parts.
Our Best on the Teamwork of Ministry

Ministry is not an individual sport. The church is called a body because it has many different parts that must work together for the good of the whole. That's teamwork. Leaders are those who can get the parts aligned and working in cooperation. These articles will help you with the particulars.

The Boys in the Boat

What the story of a rowing team can teach us about effective ministry, by Greg Asimakoupoulos.

Ministry Team Diagnostics

How to avoid the five most common dysfunctions of a ministry team, by Nancy Ortberg.

Making Decisions as a Team

We assume life’s biggest choices should be left to individuals, but Christians must find another way, by Jason Johansen.

The Ministry of Orthography

How do you spell team? by Saleama A. Ruvalcaba.

Making Teams Work

What kinds of challenges do you face on your church boards and committees and other teams? Expectations that don’t line up? Divisive decision making? Lack of accountability? This 16-page training pack includes practical strategies to foster healthy team dynamics.

Learning from the Biggest Ministry Mistakes

Wouldn’t it be great to go throughout your whole ministry and make all the right decisions? Of course, you’re going to have some missteps in ministry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize them by learning from other seasoned leaders. In this resource, church leaders share their testimonies of lessons learned.

5 Glimpses of Teamwork Skills in Action

Equipping the Saints to Lead

As you gather your team, train them to lead along with you, by Larry Osborne.

Reloading the Leadership Team

Mission means sending (and replacing) your best, by Kevin Nguyen.

Team Preaching Saved My Ministry

Sharing your pulpit might be the best thing for you and your church, by Dan Cooley.

How to Run a Great Staff Meeting

The ‘best practices’ of ministry include keeping key people in touch, John Sommerville.

Removing Roadblocks to Board Unity

Familiar practices and assumptions may be the greatest obstacles to the teamwork of an effective church board, Larry W. Osborne.

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