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Turning Pewsitters Into Players

If we broaden the opportunities for people to get involved, potential leaders will begin to shine.
—Marlene Wilson

What motivates a pewsitter to stay in the pew?

Many people in the church have professional or technical skills of some kind, yet are reticent to use them in the church. I've heard pastors say, "I know what this person does outside the church. But as soon as he enters these doors, it's as if he doesn't know a thing." This likely happens because the person feels he is on the pastor's turf in the church and tends not to want to usurp power. Unless he is asked to use his leadership skills, he will backpedal.

I was a member of one congregation for twenty years and another for eight years. Only once in each congregation was I asked to help train volunteers. I felt a great sadness because I know training is my gift. The mind-blowing thing of the new congregation I've joined is that they've already asked me to train.

In every church there are people who are ready to serve but who need ...

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