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Participating in the Resurrection
We have the privilege of being part of the story too.
Daniel Meyer | 02/05/2013

The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry
Young people are not bored by theology. They are bored by theology that doesn't matter.
Andrew Root and Kenda Creasy Dean | 10/16/2012

Sci-fi Spirituality
Underneath the technology and weird costumes often lies something deeper.
Ryan Hamm | 08/14/2012

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
This oft-repeated question says nothing about God, but everything about human beings.
Michael Coren | 07/17/2012

Domesticating the Lord of the Universe
I'm terrified that if my eyes are opened to see everything in the light of truth, I will also see that the way I see the Jesus, whom I claim as Lord, is but a dim reflection of reality.
Harry L. Kraus Jr. | 03/13/2012

Prosperity Theology
Jesus' gospel is a far cry from health and wealth.
David Jeremiah | 03/06/2012

Is God Angry or Loving?
Most people erroneously see God as angry in the Old Testament and loving in the New Testament.
David T. Lamb | 10/25/2011

Can You Imagine?
Why imagination is crucial to the Christian life
Brandon J. O'Brien | 07/26/2011

The Dangerous Act of Worship
Living God's call to justice
Mark Labberton | 01/25/2011

A Grateful People
What does true thankfulness mean?
Bonnie McMaken | 11/23/2010

Hope Amidst the Sorrow
God is all-knowing; he comforts; he understands—even when we violently lose someone.
Anne Peterson | 10/26/2010

A Great and Terrible Love
A spiritual journey into the attributes of God
Mark Galli | 08/31/2010

The Secret of Walking with God
From the beginning, God has wanted a walking partner.
Bob Sorge | 05/25/2010

Top 5 Resources on Prayer
These are the downloadable resources on prayer you were most interested in studying.
JoHannah Reardon | 05/11/2010

An Easter Encounter
Embracing Christ's pain helps us appreciate the joy of His resurrection.
By Tiffany Colter | 03/16/2010

Perspectives on Life and Death
For the believer in Jesus Christ, we do not go out into death and into darkness. Instead, we go home to God.
Haddon Robinson | 03/09/2010

Transformation Starts in the Mind
Live the life that is really life.
Tobin Crenshaw | 02/16/2010

See God for Who He Is
How do we move from our distorted image of God?
Kim V. Eggelman | 02/09/2010

Are You There, God?
An interview with The Folly of Prayer author Matt Woodley
InterVarsity Press | 10/06/2009

Shaking Our Fists
Acknowledging our anger with God
Sarah Scherf | 09/09/2009

Hone the Two-Edged Sword
Only as we study God's Word will we grow.
D. Paul Stevens | 07/29/2009

7 Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever
Prayers of confession, salvation, release, submission, praise, promise, and blessing
by Stormie Omartian | 03/25/2009

Prayer Game
Three ways our prayers tell us about our faith.
by Trevor Lee | 03/18/2009

Battling Numbers
Getting past the need to see ever-increasing numbers.
Christine Litavsky | 03/11/2009

What Will Heaven Be Like?
Thirty-five frequently asked questions about eternity.
Peter Kreeft | 01/28/2009

Dealing with Depression
First we must recognize the problem. Then we'll find the solutions.
Jeff M. Sellers | 12/03/2008

The Gift of Being Real
How might things change if we admitted our family's flaws?
Caryn Rivadeneira, for the study, "Getting Real" | 10/15/2008

When the Facts Don't Add Up
A just, loving, and powerful God should follow certain rules, shouldn't he?
by Philip Yancey | 07/09/2008

The Christian and Baby Food
A desire to be "fed spiritually" may be killing us.
by Trevor Lee | 02/06/2008

Are There Many Paths to God?
There is only one way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ.
by Lee Strobel | 12/05/2007

The God Who Can't Be Tamed
Could we be losing more than the land when we destroy it?
by Philip Yancey | 11/14/2007

Guilt Good and Bad
The early warning signs.
by Philip Yancey | 10/10/2007

Too Much Stuff
If clutter's got you down, try these secrets to simplifying.
by Mayo Mathers | 09/12/2007

The True, the Good, and the Beautiful Christian
Beauty is making a comeback in science and theology. Will it find its place in the lives of believers?
by John G. Stackhouse Jr. | 08/08/2007

Hope for the Christian
How to build a life of hope.
by Sid Stewart | 07/11/2007

What's Happened to Me?
Exploring what it means to be part of God's kingdom.
by Don Williams | 06/04/2007

Prayer Scandals
Prayer is an encounter with the living God.
by Mark Galli | 03/21/2007

Be Considerate
The virtue of kindness.
by James S. Spiegel | 12/06/2006

Meet the Holy One
Take time to settle your mind as you pray.
by Trevor Lee | 09/13/2006

Draw Near to God
Hungering for God's presence in worship.
by David M. Edwards | 08/07/2006

Cultivating the Soul
Spiritual formation can happen without saying a word.
by Gordon MacDonald | 07/05/2006

"Why, God, Why?"
Facing the painful questions that life keeps asking.
by Anne Graham Lotz | 03/29/2006

Passion Lives Here
What we can learn from the Olympics.
by JoHannah Reardon | 02/15/2006

The Secret of Radical Obedience
Radical obedience does not seek to comply to the minimal standards.
by Bob Sorge | 01/04/2006

Weathering the Storms
The Virtue of Perseverance
by James S. Spiegel | 11/02/2005

Faking Church
Do we really want to serve God—or is it more rewarding to just look the part?
by Dan Schaeffer | 08/31/2005

Deep Down from Heaven
Why we'll never get to the bottom of God's love.
by Max Lucado | 06/15/2005

Spiritual Health Made Visible
The theological underpinnings of joy.
by Earl Palmer | 01/18/2005

Cultivate a Secret Life with God
It has to do with standing still.
by Bob Sorge | 05/19/2004

Three Questions to Determine, "Is This True?"
Guidance for Christian discernment.
by Tim Riter | 03/31/2004

Building a Balanced Christian Education Program
Five measurements of spiritual growth.
by Rick Warren | 09/18/2003

7 Priorities that Guided Jesus' Decisions
They can help us in our daily choices.
By Mike Fleischmann | 05/01/2003

"Great to Good" Churches
For those who find trying to be great isn't good enough.
by Eric Swanson | 04/01/2003

Lean On Me
| 01/08/2002

Teaching a Church to Pray
Steps to vital, life-giving times of group prayer.
Daniel Henderson | 09/01/2001

 Displaying 1 - 55 of 55 matches.Page: 1 

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