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Issue 10

You're Such a Pietist

A Much Maligned Movement Re-Examined: From the Publisher--Pietism

Pietism: Did You Know?

Overwhelmed as with a Stream of Joy: An Autobiography
Translated from Marianne Beyer-Frohlich, hrsg., Pietismus und Rationalismus (Leipzig, 1933), pp. 19–20.

Can These Bones Live?
A spiritual hunger grew in reaction to the coldness and formalism of the Protestant state churches. Drawing from diverse roots, Pietism emerged as a quest to apply Reformation doctrine to personal life.

Pietism: The Gallery - Thumbnail Sketches of Important Leaders in the Pietist Movement

Reborn in Order to Renew
The Pietists' emphasis on the new birth and biblical authority had startling implications as to how one treated orphans, the lower classes and one's opponents. Orthodoxy was not enough. A changed life was required.

The Roots and Branches of Pietism
Experiencing the Christian Faith

Moving on Many Fronts
Preaching, social concern, missions, ecumenicity were among the major emphases of Pietism.

The Flowering of Pietism in the Garden of America

The Wissahickon Hermits
From Robert Borneman, Fire Hymns from the Hymnbook of Magister Johannes Kelpius (1976). Used with permission of Fortress Press.

From the Archives: True Christianity

From the Archives: The Pia Desideria (Pious Desires)
The Manifesto of Pietism

From the Archives: On Christian Perfection

From the Archives: Examining the Candidate

From the Archives: Hymns

From the Archives: Pietism and its Formidable Critics

Pietism: Recommended Resources

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