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Christian History Home > 2004 > Issue 82

Issue 82

Phoebe Palmer: Did You Know?
Interesting facts about the American Holiness revival

Phoebe Palmer: From the Editor
Phoebe Who?

Living History
From fire on Mount Athos to Saxon king crosses

Did you know men slept on the Bridges?

The Da Vinci Code, Corrected
Why the lost gospels were really lost

Holiness Fire-Starter
Transformed by her child's fiery death, Phoebe Palmer lit the flames of revival on two continents.

The Cleansing Wave
The 19th-century holiness revival took many forms as it swept across denominational boundaries.

The Holiness Movement Timeline

Saving Souls & Bodies
Contrary to stereotype, the joy of the holiness life often spilled over into social ministry.

The Lord's Agitators
Holiness leaders were a fractious bunch, but there was vision behind their division.

I received my commission from Him, brother
How women preachers built up the holiness movement

The Quest
Christians have long desired to live lives unmarred by sin—and have walked many roads on the quest.

1854: Three Voices Wake a Sleeping Church

Innocent's Corrupted Crusade
Good intentions couldn't stop Innocent III's crusade from going horribly wrong.

Changed Lives
How I entered George MacDonald's world

All of Christian History in 6 Hours
This audio tour de force is strong meat for a mature Christian audience.

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