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How We All Think Like Augustine
Take a mind-blowing journey with the great philosopher-saint in this audio course from the Teaching Company.
Getting the Word Out
An exhibit at the Huntington Library shows how Bibles big and small gave power to the people.

The Mind of the Emancipator
Abraham Lincoln was not a philosopher, but to him ideas mattered.
From Uncle Tom's Cabin to "I Have a Dream"
Together, race and religion have been the driving forces in American political history.

Top Ten Christian History 'Starter Books'
Get rooted in the Christian past with these riveting reads.
Top Ten Entry Points to Christian History
Some enjoyable ways to get the most out of the work of church historians.

My Top 5 Books on the Eastern Orthodox Tradition
Bradley Nassif, shares his top books on the Orthodox Church and provides commentary for each.
Foreign Policy as Spiritual Warfare
Malcolm Magee's new biography of Woodrow Wilson reveals how the president's faith influenced his politics—and not always in a good way.

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