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My Top 5 Books on the Eastern Orthodox Tradition
Bradley Nassif, shares his top books on the Orthodox Church and provides commentary for each.
Foreign Policy as Spiritual Warfare
Malcolm Magee's new biography of Woodrow Wilson reveals how the president's faith influenced his politics—and not always in a good way.
A Forgotten Golden Age
This must-read book by Philip Jenkins tells the story of a once-thriving Christian world that most westerners don't even know existed.
The Indispensable Samuel Adams
Journalist Ira Stoll illuminates the personality, Christian conviction, and contributions of a founder who played the pivotal role in our declaration of independence from Britain.
What Has Alexandria To Do With Wheaton?
In 2007, theologians and historians gathered at Wheaton College to ask how evangelicals can learn from the witness of the early church. Now a new book offers their conclusions to a wider audience.
Orthodoxy, Explained
How did the church come to understand Christ as fully God and fully man? Stephen Need is an excellent tour guide to the early church councils that debated the core issues of Christian faith.
The Beautiful Biography of John Woolman
Thomas Slaughter draws a sensitive portrait of the gentle Quaker who battled slavery, materialism, and other social evils.
Rescuing the Holy Pleasure of Music
John Tyson lets the "other Wesley," Methodist hymn writer Charles, take center stage.
Brave New Bookshelf
I've got Richard Baxter in my briefcase.
Praying by the Book
Historian Eamon Duffy's latest work sheds light on medieval prayer practices—and may prompt us to think again about our own.
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