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Movements, Denominations, & Traditions

Past Magazine Issues

St. Benedict & Western Monasticism

America’s 20th Century Evangelical Awakening

Richard Baxter & the English Puritans

Pilgrims & Exiles: Amish, Mennonites, & Brethren

Phoebe Palmer: Mother of the Holiness Movement

The French Huguenots and the Wars of Religion

The Wesleys: Founders of Methodism

Anthony & the Desert Fathers: Extreme Faith

How the Vikings Took up the Faith

The Monkey Trial & the Rise of Fundamentalism

Eastern Orthodoxy

The American Puritans

William & Catherine Booth: Salvation Army Founders

Waldensians: Medieval “Evangelicals”

Casper Schwenckfeld: Forgotten Reformer

How Christianity Came To Russia

Pietism: The Inner Experience of Faith

Heritage of Freedom: Dissenters, Reformers, & Pioneers

The Baptists

Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists

John Wesley: Leader of the Methodist Movement

Zinzendorf & the Moravians

Web Articles

Unenthusiastic About Enthusiasm
Modern suspicions about charismatic Christianity trace back to controversies over the French Prophets 300 years ago.
A Pastor's Revolutionary Vision
The name August Hermann Francke may not be widely known today, but this gentle and innovative teacher helped launch the modern wave of Protestant missions, education, and translation.
John Nelson Darby
Father of dispensationalism
Ignatius of Loyola
Founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Founder of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans)
Benedict of Nursia
Father of western monasticism
Francis of Assisi
Mystical founder of the Franciscans
Thomas Cranmer
Genius behind Anglicanism
Nikolaus von Zinzendorf
Christ-centered Moravian "brother"
John Wesley
Methodical pietist
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