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April 7, 1997Volume 41, Number 4
April 7
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Table of Contents
A Zairean bishop wants American Christians to remember the struggles of the church in East Africa.
How churches should handle the delicate issue of abortion when nearly one-fifth of women who get abortions are sitting in our pews.
The Gospel must be repeatedly forwarded to a new address because the recipient is repeatedly changing places of residence. -Helmut Thielicke
An innovative desert ministry breaks down walls between Arab and Jewish believers.
John Nelson's crusade to keep alive sacred choral music.
A profile of Canadian evangelicals that contrasts them with their counterparts in the American South.
Charitable choice' opens the door to new church-state partnerships in caring for the poor, but not everyone is cheering.
Some clergy resist Lutheran-Episcopal concordat.
Artists like to have their work admired. That is why we worship.
Pastors are overworked, underpaid, and bear the weight of unrealistic expectations. Why then are so many so satisfied?
There is more to who I am than that smiling face next to my husband.
Leaders Allege Clergy Harassment
First Lady Wants to Love Enemies
Preachers Dwell Less on Fundraising
Hatfield Praised as Christian Statesman
Muslims Destroy Christian Village
Evangelicals Plead for Korean Aid
There’s No Crying on Social Media!
There’s No Crying on Social Media!
Young adults are desperate not to let peers see any signs of weakness or failure.