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The former speaker of the House of Representatives recently authored Rediscovering God in America (Integrity, 2006).

Your book describes the positive Christian influence in our nation's history. But since 2004, there's been a lot of talk about "theocracy" when referring to political involvement by conservative Christians.

The anti-God, secular Left will say and do almost anything, because they're trying to drive God out of public life. But how could any serious, rational person [discount the] diversity in America, from Seventh-day Adventist to Mormon to Southern Baptist to mainstream Episcopal to Catholic to Jewish to Muslim to Buddhist to Hindu? We live in the most diversely religious country in the world. It isn't an anti-religious country.

Should Christians be surprised at this kind of treatment?

Read Paul and remember that if you truly are of faith, you should expect to have people revile you and attack you, because that is the fate of people who are truly prepared to stand up for their beliefs.

How should Christian voters approach this election?

They should have a clear sense of their agenda and not be at all bashful. You never see the trial lawyers or the unions or the gay-rights groups feeling embarrassed about what they want. People who believe in God and regularly go to church or synagogue should have absolutely as much right to be explicit and direct in the electoral process as people who are secular or atheist.

James Dobson invited you to the Values Voters Summit in September. Other groups emphasize poverty and the environment. Would you talk to them?

Sure, but my message would start with some pretty powerful words about faith and behavior. In America, political scientist James Q. Wilson has pointed out that if you do ...

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