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Jim Wallis
President, Sojourners
When the decision about Eric Garner was announced, the young people we had met the night before called and asked us to join them in the protest they had just organized at a U.S. Courthouse in downtown St. Louis—and we did. Faith leaders and pastors stood alongside black and white young people who chanted ‘I can’t breathe’ in front of a line of police. America, we have a problem. It’s past time to fix it, and the church must stand alongside a new generation of young leaders and help the nation find the way forward.” (Source: The Huffington Post)

Leroy Barber
Executive Director, Word Made Flesh
“The decision not to prosecute the officer responsible for Eric Gardner’s death is highly disappointing. It further sends a message that black men’s lives don’t matter. We stand today with the Gardner family and every black man struggling to be human in our society.”

Leith Anderson
President, National Association of Evangelicals
"All our hearts are heavy when there is grief and loss. Jesus came to bring peace on earth and good will among men. Our nation must respond to Ferguson and Staten Island as a call and opportunity to acknowledge and address racial injustices, poverty and conflict. I have prayed for God to bring unexpected good from multiple tragedies."

Mayra Macedo-Nolan
Community Outreach Pastor, Lake Avenue Church, Pasadena, California
"The church (made up of each of us as followers of Jesus) must boldly take up our prophetic role as agents of reconciliation and workers for justice to dismantle the sin of racism in our country - both personal, individual sin and the systems these sins have created. We must examine our lives, our contributions to and gains from these systems - repent, courageously confront and work for change on behalf of our hurting brothers and sisters. This is the tangible ministry of reconciliation that Jesus came for and what we celebrate during this season of Advent. Good News that does not bring life and hope to the family of Eric Garner, and black men, women, and children in our country, is not good news at all."

Albert Mohler
President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
“One of the things that Christians need to recognize, is that these two cases, related only in terms of the grand jury involvement, are present cases in which many people among us, including many African American followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, are asking very deep and pressing questions about whether or not the American justice system is fair and not only fair in a general sense, but fair quite specifically, to African Americans.” (Source:

Russell Moore
President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
“We've heard a lot in recent days about rule of law, and that's exactly right. We need to be emphasizing rule of law. And a rule of law that is biblically just is a rule of law that carries out justice equally. Romans 13 says that the sword of justice is to be wielded against evildoers. Now, what we too often see still is a situation where our African-American brothers and sisters, especially brothers, are more likely to be arrested, more likely to be executed, more likely to be killed. … We have to acknowledge that something is wrong with the system at this point and that something has to be done.” (Source: ERLC)

Hip-hop artist
"I was pulled over last month in Chicago after a show. The driver said, ‘They are gonna pull us over cause it’s too many of us (black and Hispanics) in this car and this area is known for that.’ The cop pulled us over and after recognizing me let us go. Never said why we were being pulled over. I have tooooons of stories. I wish I didn’t. Some foolish rappers make it difficult for the good ones just like some foolish cops make it difficult for the good ones." (Source: Facebook)

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