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Pastor De La Mora, what encouragement can you give parents as they support their children in their education?

Every one of your children are anointed, blessed, intelligent, and fully capable. Speak those words of life over them. Bring it out of them. Pray it through them. Whatever you say they are, they will become. When you see them get off course, know this: God is watching and God is with them. Your time, prayers, and love are not in vain. Don’t give up! God’s best is yet to come for your children.

Guiding a Student’s Heart

H: Help students believe in their capability.
They are capable of more than they know – challenge children to try hard things!

E: Encourage students to depend on God.
Offer Scriptures they can hold on to when worried about academics or social life.

A: Allow students opportunities to lead themselves and others.
Students won’t know what they can do until they try.

R: Remind your student that choices are guided by our hearts.
Learning and loving are always an inside job!

T: Take time to pray with your student.
Give them the opportunity to thank God for progress and to leave their worries with Him.

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Encouraging Students’ Hearts