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Subscriber Access OnlyBattle for the Bible Translation
Our movement is wide enough to include a variety of methods.
Subscriber Access OnlyGood Religion, Bad Religion
A new study reveals we're incurably religious. That's a problem.
Subscriber Access OnlyHarold Camping Is (Sort of) Right
Jesus will put an end to this earth—but that is not the end of the story.
Subscriber Access OnlyNo Adam, No Eve, No Gospel
The historical Adam debate won't be resolved tomorrow, so stay engaged.
Subscriber Access OnlyGood Christian [Bleep!]
The provocative title of a proposed TV show is not the problem. We are.
Subscriber Access OnlyAn Everyday Scandal
The slaughter of the unborn needs no hidden cameras for condemnation.
iPhone Apps and the Old Adam
A meditation on corporate confession for Ash Wednesday.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Curse of Blasphemy Laws
An upsurge of democracy should bring religious freedom to the Muslim world.
Subscriber Access OnlyTough Grace: Clear and Consistent on Sexual Standards
Consistency means not singling out those with same-sex orientation. The same standard should apply to all.
Subscriber Access OnlyCracks in the Crystal Cathedral
Why we are better off letting God make the gospel relevant.
Subscriber Access OnlyGod's Quiet Signature
Why the rescue of the Chilean miners was a "great miracle," and what it tells us about Hanukkah.
Subscriber Access OnlyBurned by the Qur'an Burning
Our media culture values outrage over truth. We can do better.
Subscriber Access OnlyAn Equal-Opportunity Destroyer
How porn damages women—and what churches can do about it.
Subscriber Access OnlyMosques in Middle America: The Next Christian Response to Islam
The strain of religious diversity tests Christians' own principles.
Subscriber Access OnlyLet the Sea Resound
We can no longer act like creation care is a secondary issue.
Subscriber Access OnlyBearing True Witness
Why we are tempted to embellish conversion stories.
Subscriber Access OnlyDon't Shoot the Messenger
What all Christians can learn from the Catholic Church abuse scandal.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe End of Religious Freedom?
The nightmare scenarios could very well unfold, but they are not the last word.
Subscriber Access Only210 Million Reasons to Adopt
Haiti's devastating quake reminds us that orphans matter to God.
Subscriber Access OnlyBox Office Pantheism
Critiques of Avatar's spirituality should be winsome—and prophetic.
Displaying 41 – 60 of 192 ARTICLES
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Duck Dynasty Wife: The More Christians on Reality TV, the Better
Duck Dynasty Wife: The More Christians on Reality TV, the Better
How unexpected fame and quirky family has helped Jessica Robertson share her faith.
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