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Subscriber Access OnlyCracks in the Crystal Cathedral
Why we are better off letting God make the gospel relevant.
Subscriber Access OnlyGod's Quiet Signature
Why the rescue of the Chilean miners was a "great miracle," and what it tells us about Hanukkah.
Subscriber Access OnlyBurned by the Qur'an Burning
Our media culture values outrage over truth. We can do better.
Subscriber Access OnlyAn Equal-Opportunity Destroyer
How porn damages women—and what churches can do about it.
Subscriber Access OnlyMosques in Middle America: The Next Christian Response to Islam
The strain of religious diversity tests Christians' own principles.
Subscriber Access OnlyLet the Sea Resound
We can no longer act like creation care is a secondary issue.
Subscriber Access OnlyBearing True Witness
Why we are tempted to embellish conversion stories.
Subscriber Access OnlyDon't Shoot the Messenger
What all Christians can learn from the Catholic Church abuse scandal.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe End of Religious Freedom?
The nightmare scenarios could very well unfold, but they are not the last word.
Subscriber Access Only210 Million Reasons to Adopt
Haiti's devastating quake reminds us that orphans matter to God.
Subscriber Access OnlyBox Office Pantheism
Critiques of Avatar's spirituality should be winsome—and prophetic.
Subscriber Access OnlyListen, Then Speak
Uganda's anti-gay bill is making cross-cultural relations more complex than ever.
Subscriber Access OnlyWelcome the Exceptional
Churches that embrace people with disabilities do more than they imagine.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Joy-Driven Life
Death to deadly earnest discipleship!
Subscriber Access OnlyLooking for Clear Signals
Religious freedom needs less talk and more action in Washington.
Subscriber Access OnlyLord of the Wedding Dance
What a Christian marriage ceremony is all about.
Subscriber Access OnlyA Unifying Vocation
Why development work and gospel work cannot be put asunder.
Subscriber Access OnlyMega-mirror
Megachurches are not the answer or the problem.
Subscriber Access OnlyNot One Sparrow
We can be 'speciesists' and show compassion for animals.
Subscriber Access OnlySelf-Examination Time
Lent reminds us that the main problem with us is not them.
Displaying 41 – 60 of 182 ARTICLES
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Top Story April 18, 2014
Watch and Wait
Watch and Wait
Tarrying with Christ and the fearful dying.
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