Planting Deep RootsSubscriber Access Only
When you get serious about cultural change, you get serious about institutions.
Same-Sex Marriage and the Single ChristianSubscriber Access Only
How marriage-happy churches are unwittingly fueling same-sex coupling—and leaving singles like me in the dust.
The Right Side of History Is Full of RewritesSubscriber Access Only
Both same-sex marriage advocates and opponents have seen national recognition of the unions as inescapable. But fortune tellers don’t have great track records.
Sex Without BodiesSubscriber Access Only
The church’s response to the LGBT movement must be that matter matters.
Higher Ed at a CrossroadSubscriber Access Only
Why the local church should care, and what it can do.
A Pope for All ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Why believers of all stripes should care about the new head of the Catholic Church.
The Future of Today's ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
We have news to offer that is good for us and our children's children.
The Troubled State of Christian PreachingSubscriber Access Only
What Giglio got right and the church often gets wrong.
Discipleship Is MessySubscriber Access Only
Insider movements can lead to syncretism, yes. But less so if we all stay connected.
Subverting the TalibanSubscriber Access Only
Some things Christians can do to stop terrorists in Pakistan from shooting girls.
How to Unfreeze the Middle EastSubscriber Access Only
Reconciliation must be at the heart of peacemaking.
Abusing the Megaphone Subscriber Access Only
Caustic rhetoric undermines Family Research Council's post-shooting response.
The Evangelical Jesus PrayerSubscriber Access Only
It's not perfect, but the Sinner's Prayer is a work of genius.
Why Gay Marriage Is More Than a Legal IssueSubscriber Access Only
The marriage debate shouldn't drive us to outrage or panic.
Why Catholics and Evangelicals Can Be United Against NihilismSubscriber Access Only
Chuck Colson's vision for Christian unity and full-orbed reform lives on.
The 'Monsters' Among Us: Child Sex Abusers in Our MidstSubscriber Access Only
How fellow Christians should respond.
How Pastors' Ponzis Affect Our Gospel WitnessSubscriber Access Only
A rash of pastor-endorsed fraud taints our gospel witness
The Supreme Court's Religious Freedom Reality CheckSubscriber Access Only
A recent unanimous ruling reveals deep commitment to our 'first freedom.'
You Can't Worship Here: Evicting Churches from New York SchoolsSubscriber Access Only
What will really happen this weekend when churches gather in school buildings for the last time?
Thou Shalt Not Abuse: Reconsidering Spanking Subscriber Access Only
Misuse of biblical teaching on discipline can have deadly consequences.
Top Story June 25, 2017
Finding My ‘True Self’ As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
Finding My ‘True Self’ As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
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