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The Lazy Slander of Pro-Lifers
Do pro-lifers care only for life inside the womb?
Satan Appears Before the Supreme Court
His influence in the case before the justices was hypothetical, but it didn't have to be a joke.
Suffering and Rejoicing in a Haitian Tent Camp
What I learned in this church surpasses anything I've seen at a stunning cathedral.
Marriage: Marginalized in the Middle
The American retreat from marriage is moving into the heart of the social order: the middle class.
Progress Against AIDS Falters
Christians should make the moral case for sustaining aid programs.
Pass the Casserole
Losing control over your eating—like, when you can’t cook after surgery for cancer—has a way of turning anxiety into gratitude.
God Loves a Good Romance
Marriage is about more than feelings—but it is never less.
Finding Christ Throughout — and Beyond — Scripture
We need both J. I. Packer's and the Orthodox Presbyterians' approaches to hear Christ speak.
Culturally Focusing on the Family
How hipster evangelicals have fallen into the same consumerist traps as their parents.
Culture in an Age of Consumption
Why evangelical hipsters may be the best example of James Davison Hunter's 'faithful presence.'
Boundaries in Grief
Why medicine should never trade places with a time to properly mourn.
Why the Proposition 8 Decision Matters
That Judge Walker's ruling is not a surprise does not make it any less of a landmark.
Woman As Folly
I hope God doesn't see me the way I see 'The Real Housewives.'
The Good Christian Girl: A Fable
What heeding a decade and a half of dating advice can mean.
Immigration Reform: Another Christian View
Forging a just public policy is more complex than the public rhetoric.
Is the Christian Legal Society's Loss a Loss for Everyone?
What the Supreme Court's verdict means for campus ministries.
Needed: More Monocultural Ministries
Why Christians shouldn't try to fit every ethnic group into the same ministry mold.
The Cry of the Oil-Soaked Pelican
How the birds mired in the Gulf oil spill teach us to properly grieve.
World War II Bomb Revisits Past
The Christian's duty to promote peace is now.
Learning from the Gores about the Grace of Separation
Why separating can be pro-family.
Displaying 181 – 200 of 330 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 26, 2016
How Urban Christians Failed President Obama
How Urban Christians Failed President Obama
The transgender bathroom directive is the latest sign that we shouldn't have given him a pass.
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