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Subscriber Access OnlyRemembering Hiroshima Rightly
Hiroshima is no reason to reject a nuclear weapons-free world.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Heresy of 'Individualism'?
The 'individualism' we profess is not only not a heresy—it is at the heart of the gospel.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhy You Can't Just 'Love Your Neighbor'
According to Benedict XVI's new encyclical, trying to love people without knowing the truth about them leads to mere sentiment and will do them harm.
Subscriber Access OnlyPageant Preachers
Carrie Prejean isn't the only Christian contestant using the contest as a platform for her beliefs—or who has faced questions about compromising them.
Subscriber Access OnlyAbortion Violence and American Democracy
The ironic relationship between the pro-life movement and its radical fringe.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Gospel and the Gosselins
Evangelicals and the making of Jon & Kate Plus Eight.
Subscriber Access OnlyFew Red Flags Found in Sotomayor's Religion-Related Cases
President Obama's Supreme Court pick generally sided with religious freedom.
Subscriber Access OnlyGoodbye Charity
Churches and charitable institutions provide services that some politicians feel belong to the federal government.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Empty Promise of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Why scientific breakthroughs make the destruction of human embryos obsolete.
Subscriber Access OnlyKeeping the Commandments
The Supreme Court is thinking more clearly about religious symbols in public life.
Subscriber Access OnlyIs the Stimulus Act Anti-Religious?
The stimulus bill included a caveat that federal funds may not be used for religious worship.
Subscriber Access OnlyA Promising Start for Obama's Faith-Based Office
Why we are encouraged — and still have a major concern.
Subscriber Access OnlyMemo to Worship Bands
Five sound reasons to lower the volume.
Subscriber Access OnlyTed Haggard's Facebook
A former New Life Church staffer watches the documentary.
Subscriber Access OnlyIt's Never Been about the Abstinence Pledge Itself
Researchers should ask what causes teens to abstain, not whether a public vow is a magic bullet.
Subscriber Access OnlyHow to Help Orphans
Orphanages are not always the best answer.
Subscriber Access OnlyRecovering Church History: Exile from Babylon
The Iraqi Christian community, now nearly gone, was the church's center for a millennium.
Subscriber Access OnlyDiagnosing Jos
Political problems don't always have political solutions.
Subscriber Access OnlyPhilip Yancey: Escaping the Bullets
A speaking tour in India led to a few close calls.
Subscriber Access OnlyGiving Is from God
The ministry of giving evokes gratitude to God because its source is rooted in his grace.
Displaying 181 – 200 of 288 ARTICLES
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Top Story April 27, 2015
Brutally Honest with God
Getting Brutally Honest with God
The psalms of lament invite us to voice our frustrations—and provide a reason to hope.
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