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Subscriber Access OnlyKeeping the Commandments
The Supreme Court is thinking more clearly about religious symbols in public life.
Subscriber Access OnlyIs the Stimulus Act Anti-Religious?
The stimulus bill included a caveat that federal funds may not be used for religious worship.
Subscriber Access OnlyA Promising Start for Obama's Faith-Based Office
Why we are encouraged — and still have a major concern.
Subscriber Access OnlyMemo to Worship Bands
Five sound reasons to lower the volume.
Subscriber Access OnlyTed Haggard's Facebook
A former New Life Church staffer watches the documentary.
Subscriber Access OnlyIt's Never Been about the Abstinence Pledge Itself
Researchers should ask what causes teens to abstain, not whether a public vow is a magic bullet.
Subscriber Access OnlyHow to Help Orphans
Orphanages are not always the best answer.
Subscriber Access OnlyRecovering Church History: Exile from Babylon
The Iraqi Christian community, now nearly gone, was the church's center for a millennium.
Subscriber Access OnlyDiagnosing Jos
Political problems don't always have political solutions.
Subscriber Access OnlyPhilip Yancey: Escaping the Bullets
A speaking tour in India led to a few close calls.
Subscriber Access OnlyGiving Is from God
The ministry of giving evokes gratitude to God because its source is rooted in his grace.
Subscriber Access OnlyViolence Smothers Jos in Smoke
Peace eludes us.
Subscriber Access OnlyListening and Learning in the Middle East
What it means to act as an advocate for global engagement.
Subscriber Access OnlyChanging of the Guard
What happens to the Religious Right?
Subscriber Access OnlyWho Is in Charge of Our Pulpits?
Pulpit Freedom Sunday was about bringing kingdom principles to bear on contemporary social problems, not seizing political power.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Engine of the Market
It's not capital. Why wealthy evangelicals and others need to reconsider executive compensation.
Subscriber Access OnlyPity for a Devastated Wall Street
The difficulty in times like this is treating the powerful with justice.
Subscriber Access OnlyGod Is In Control During the Financial Crisis
God often uses adversity for his greatest blessings and the markets are his.
Subscriber Access OnlyA Christian View of the Economic Crisis
Is the economy really driven by greed?
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Blind Spot of the Spiritual Formation Movement
Let's not forget the spiritual discipline of choice for the masses.
Displaying 181 – 200 of 279 ARTICLES
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Water Is Weird
Water Is Weird
And its strange behaviors make life possible.
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