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Subscriber Access OnlyStrong on Zeal, Thin in Knowledge
Lessons from Haiti's arrest of American Christians trying to take children out of the country.
Subscriber Access OnlyWas the Bush Faith-Based Initiative a Failure?
Subscriber Access Only'In Jos We Are Coming Face to Face in Confrontation with Satan'
The Anglican Archbishop of Jos speaks out on last week's deadly attacks and the media coverage that followed.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Truth About the Religious Violence in Jos, Nigeria
It's not easy to state who started it or how many died. But the horror for those affected is clear.
Subscriber Access OnlyCatholics Come Home?
One of America's many "former Catholics," now an evangelical pastor, considers the latest New Evangelization initiative.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhy Organic Church Is Not Exactly a Movement
If the driving force of any movement or phenomenon is not Jesus Christ, we are building castles in the air. A response to "Long Live the Organic Church."
Subscriber Access OnlyLong Live the Organic Church: A Response
We can live faithfully in the moment while attempting to transform society.
Subscriber Access OnlyAfter the Wall
Reflections on 20 years of mission in Europe
Subscriber Access OnlyHappy Rosh Hashanah, Christians
The 'Jewish New Year' is a day of judgment for all of creation.
Subscriber Access OnlyWho's Afraid of Witches?
Among African Christians, too many of us are.
Subscriber Access OnlyHow the ELCA Left the Great Tradition for Liberal Protestantism
There is no authoritative biblical or theological guidance in the church. There are only many voices.
Subscriber Access OnlyWho Is the Fellowship?
It's no theocratic cabal, say two participants in the Congressional Prayer Groups.
Subscriber Access OnlyDispatch from Lollapalooza
Market segmentation isn't what it used to be.
Subscriber Access OnlyRemembering Hiroshima Rightly
Hiroshima is no reason to reject a nuclear weapons-free world.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Heresy of 'Individualism'?
The 'individualism' we profess is not only not a heresy—it is at the heart of the gospel.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhy You Can't Just 'Love Your Neighbor'
According to Benedict XVI's new encyclical, trying to love people without knowing the truth about them leads to mere sentiment and will do them harm.
Subscriber Access OnlyPageant Preachers
Carrie Prejean isn't the only Christian contestant using the contest as a platform for her beliefs—or who has faced questions about compromising them.
Subscriber Access OnlyAbortion Violence and American Democracy
The ironic relationship between the pro-life movement and its radical fringe.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Gospel and the Gosselins
Evangelicals and the making of Jon & Kate Plus Eight.
Subscriber Access OnlyFew Red Flags Found in Sotomayor's Religion-Related Cases
President Obama's Supreme Court pick generally sided with religious freedom.
Displaying 181 – 200 of 301 ARTICLES
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Top Story October 7, 2015
Carly Fiorina Q+A: ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’
Carly Fiorina Q+A: ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’
The candidate on her faith, abortion, and why women make good investment risks.
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