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Needed: More Monocultural Ministries
Why Christians shouldn't try to fit every ethnic group into the same ministry mold.
The Cry of the Oil-Soaked Pelican
How the birds mired in the Gulf oil spill teach us to properly grieve.
World War II Bomb Revisits Past
The Christian's duty to promote peace is now.
Learning from the Gores about the Grace of Separation
Why separating can be pro-family.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhat 'Lost' Taught Us about Dying Well
The meaning behind "live together, die alone."
Subscriber Access OnlyArizona's Border Crisis
Why Christians should oppose the state's new immigration law.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Gulf of Mexico and the Care of Creation
We exercise dominion over creation not only when we use it, but also when we conserve it.
Subscriber Access OnlyWrightians and the Neo-Reformed: 'All One in Christ Jesus'
A dispatch from Together for the Gospel and Wheaton's Theology Conference with N.T. Wright.
Subscriber Access OnlyShow All History
God promises to forget our sins. Google, not so much.
Subscriber Access Only'Jesus Was a Rebel'
Okay, he was. What's your point?
Subscriber Access OnlyI Want to Be Accepted As I Am, But I’ll Take a Cure Too
Why we should consider correcting disabilities.
Subscriber Access OnlySport Is More Than Play
A response to Shirl Hoffman's "Fanatics."
Subscriber Access OnlyConsidering 'Curing' Down Syndrome with Caution
Why we shouldn't be too quick to think disabilities need correcting.
Subscriber Access OnlyStrong on Zeal, Thin in Knowledge
Lessons from Haiti's arrest of American Christians trying to take children out of the country.
Subscriber Access OnlyWas the Bush Faith-Based Initiative a Failure?
Subscriber Access Only'In Jos We Are Coming Face to Face in Confrontation with Satan'
The Anglican Archbishop of Jos speaks out on last week's deadly attacks and the media coverage that followed.
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Truth About the Religious Violence in Jos, Nigeria
It's not easy to state who started it or how many died. But the horror for those affected is clear.
Subscriber Access OnlyCatholics Come Home?
One of America's many "former Catholics," now an evangelical pastor, considers the latest New Evangelization initiative.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhy Organic Church Is Not Exactly a Movement
If the driving force of any movement or phenomenon is not Jesus Christ, we are building castles in the air. A response to "Long Live the Organic Church."
Subscriber Access OnlyLong Live the Organic Church: A Response
We can live faithfully in the moment while attempting to transform society.
Displaying 181 – 200 of 314 ARTICLES
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Why Lent Is Good for Bad Christians
Why Lent Is Good for Bad Christians
The somber season leading up to Easter might feel like punishment. In fact, for people like me, it's sheer grace.
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