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    • In a Catholic Stronghold, Evangelicals Flexing Their Political Power -
      Evangelical" is a broad descriptor in Brazil, encompassing a range of churches from small rural outlets to megachurches like the Universal Church, where Macedo owns the nation's second-largest TV station and asks for tithes even higher than 10 percent.
    • Conservatives Gaining Force in Brazil Congress - ABC News
      The evangelical caucus votes in lockstep on hot-button social issues and is willing to block projects put forth by the presidency because its members know they represent a growing segment of the electorate...In Rousseff's first term, the evangelical caucus blocked her effort to promote gay-tolerance teaching in schools and managed to have their most outspoken anti-gay legislator, Deputy Marco Feliciano, named head of the body's human rights commission — a move that provoked condemnation from Amnesty International and other activist groups.

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