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Though the relationship between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism has long been marked with animosity, the past two decades have seen the two groups move to a better understanding of the other—and in some cases, collaborate together. The 1994 formation of Evangelicals and Catholics Together, led by evangelical Chuck Colson and Catholic Richard John Neuhaus, was key in this process. In more recent memory, Catholics and Protestants have united in the political arena to bring joint concerns about healthcare (specifically the contraception mandate) and religious liberty to light.

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  • At Forlorn Urban Churches, Mass Gets Crowded in a Flash
    The latest trend in Rust Belt Catholicism, the Mass mob, is bringing thousands of suburban Catholics to visit the struggling urban churches of their parents and grandparents. (The New York Times)
  • What Part of 'the Right to Organize' Don't Some Religious Institutions Understand? | America Magazine
    Adjuncts have successfully formed unions at Catholic schools like Georgetown, Le Moyne and St. Francis College in Brooklyn. But in other cases, the willful misuse of religious freedom — an area of law that Catholic leaders have lately sought to extend on matters of conscience — is very much akin to the behavior of GTS’s trustees. Union-busting is no more an exercise of religious freedom than a walkout is a resignation, and everyone knows it.

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