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Mark Noll’s 1995 Scandal of the Evangelical Mind cri de coeur rallied many Christians to create a more robust life of the mind and oppose the movement’s latent anti-intellectualism. A generation (and many significant academic developments) later, new challenges have emerged. Ever-rising costs of higher education place a strain on students, especially amid a challenging economy. Christian colleges’ commitments on sexuality, human origins, and the authority of Scripture are constantly challenged. And within Christian academies, administrators and scholars are still debating exactly what it is they’re trying to do.

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  • Tucson church some call a cult laying low
    UA officials say they have authority over the student groups and must tread carefully because religious freedom is protected by law.The UA will take complaints only from current students or their parents, but former followers say those who leave often are too traumatized to come forward until years later.
  • The Hill: IRS chief Koskinen and the tax status of faith-based colleges
    IRS commissioner John Koskinen deserves a measure of praise from all who hope to see America’s great heritage of robust, peaceful religious pluralism preserved for future generations.

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