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    • A Prisoner’s Beard Offers the Next Test of Religious Liberty for the Supreme Court
      The justices will apply a familiar legal test to decide the case. As in the Hobby Lobby case, they will consider whether the challenged government regulation placed a substantial burden on religious practices. If it did, the government must show that it had a compelling reason for the regulation and no better way to achieve it.
    • Co-op's quandary: Boycott Eden Foods or not?
      Hobby Lobby, however, is an arts-and-crafts chain owned by evangelicals. The stores pipe in Christian music, close on Sundays, and carry a number of home decor items with conservative themes.Eden Foods, by contrast, is a pioneer in the organic-food business and draws its most loyal customers from the nation's 140 food co-ops, whose members tend to hold more politically liberal views.

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