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The South Asian nation of India is the world’s second most populated, and its seventh-largest in terms of landmass. Though the nation has gained traction as a technology-driven economic power, large pockets of the population linger in oppression: the Dalit, or “untouchables,” continue to face discrimination at the base of an oppressive caste system, baby girls are sold into sexual slavery and often left to die, and thousands of starving poor languish in slums outside urban centers. Conflicts frequently erupt between Christians and Hindus—clashes over conversions left the eastern state of Orissa devastated during the mid 2000s—in a land where the church is active but persecuted, and humanitarians flock but are impeded as they fight for social reform.

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  • Modi Presses India Police to Catch Culprits in Christian Attacks - WSJ
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a politician with Hindu nationalist roots, expressed “grave concern over rising crime and vandalism,” in a meeting with Delhi’s police commissioner, the government Press Information Bureau said.
  • Thousands Protest on Bengaluru Streets Against Delhi Church Attacks
    Yesterday, a large number of policemen cracked down on a protest in Delhi against attacks on churches, and dragged activists, including priests, into buses. The protest outside the Sacred Heart cathedral in the heart of the city was "unlawful", said the police, who were seen pulling women and even children, leaving bags and shoes scattered on the road.

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