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Marriage is an institution ordained by God, and a basic building block of decent societies. Uniting man and woman in permanent bonds of love, marriage models the relationship between Christ and his bride, the Church, while furnishing a stable environment for the rearing of children. Liberalized patterns of pre-marital sex and cohabitation, the relaxing of restrictions on divorce, and growing pressures for the legal recognition of same-sex partnerships have drastically altered both the conception and lived reality of marriage over the past several decades. Even among many Christians, an essentially contractual view of marriage now prevails over a more covenantal understanding of the institution.

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  • Evangelicals add one more guest to the wedding party: Jesus - RNS
    Catherine Strode's “A Christ-Centered Wedding" details ways brides and grooms can fill their wedding with biblical touches to reinforce for friends and family the centrality of their faith.
  • Marriage Rates Keep Falling, as Money Concerns Rise - The New York Times
    Yet she said it‘s not entirely an economic phenomenon; it’s also one about shifting social roles. “I do think it has something to do with the fact that in the professional class, because men are doing very well, they aren’t threatened in any way by a wife that works or is doing very well herself,” she said. “Amongst working-class males, it may be a little more threatening if your wife or girlfriend is earning as much as you are and making new demands as a result.”

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