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Marriage is an institution ordained by God, and a basic building block of decent societies. Uniting man and woman in permanent bonds of love, marriage models the relationship between Christ and his bride, the Church, while furnishing a stable environment for the rearing of children. Liberalized patterns of pre-marital sex and cohabitation, the relaxing of restrictions on divorce, and growing pressures for the legal recognition of same-sex partnerships have drastically altered both the conception and lived reality of marriage over the past several decades. Even among many Christians, an essentially contractual view of marriage now prevails over a more covenantal understanding of the institution.

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  • Marriage Study Says Institution Favors Child Bearing, The Wealthy
    They instead propose that the primary purpose of marriage has shifted from the “production of household services” (in other words, the man is the breadwinner and the woman keeps house) to committing economically to jointly raising a child. As a result, they say, marriage is a more valuable option for couples who have the resources to heavily invest in what the researchers call “their children’s human capital.” Nothing like economics to take the romance out of tying the knot, huh?
  • Pope Francis’ Plans for Inclusiveness Divide Bishops
    Bishops from 120 countries are debating issues that touch on the place of divorced, gay or cohabiting people in the church, and they face a Saturday deadline to present their report to the pope. (The New York Times)

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