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    • Focus on the Family Is Building Homes for Families of 21 Martyrs
      ‪Construction in Samalout, Egypt, of homes for these families is well underway, and it is a project that has impacted an entire community (see pictures in the Photos section below). The construction contractor is hiring local laborers to help build the homes, providing new jobs. The local Coptic Bishop has offered two buildings that will be turned into Vocational Training Centers, creating new potential.
    • Dear Pastors, Beheaded Christians Are Not Marketing Props
      Just days after the video from ISIS hit the Internet I began to see pictures, posts and videos of various churches and ministries who chose to re-enact the beheadings as an illustration for a message.

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    Wheaton College, Larycia Hawkins to ‘Part Ways’
    Provost says he asked the tenured professor for forgiveness, withdrew termination process.
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