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    • Religious podcasts: Are Christian podcasts replacing church?
      As the Village Church’s strategy suggests, podcasts qua podcasts—as opposed to sermon podcasts—can provide pastors with the breathing room to tackle newsier and narrower topics than sermons allow for. Despite stereotypes, many pastors are hesitant to use their time in the pulpit on Sunday to opine on culture-war issues, or even on topics like parenting, which may not apply to all parishioners.
    • More Pastors Embrace Talk of Mental Ills - The New York Times
      This month, a mental health advisory group appointed by Dr. Page offered a variety of proposals to help Southern Baptist congregants and their families with mental health challenges, the first time the church has addressed the subject in a direct and comprehensive manner. The proposals include providing churches with a database of Christian counselors and mental health providers, and offering more robust education about mental health in seminaries and at Christian colleges.

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