More on Personhood
    • Another Small Step for LifeSubscriber Access Only
      Recent federal bill recognizes the humanity of the fetus for the first time.
    • Senate Passes Fetal Homicide BillSubscriber Access Only
      Plus: Former Archbishop of Canterbury criticizes Islam, The Passion of The Christ opens overseas, and other stories from online sources around the world.
    • The Techno Sapiens Are ComingSubscriber Access Only
      When God fashioned man and woman, he called his creation very good. Transhumanists say that, by manipulating our bodies with microscopic tools, we can do better. Are we ready for the great debate?
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    What to Make of Karl Barth’s Steadfast Adultery
    What to Make of Karl Barth’s Steadfast Adultery
    Do the recent revelations discredit his theology?
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