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    • New York Times - French Investigators Seek Possible Accomplices in Plot to Attack Church
      Investigators are searching for potential accomplices of an Algerian man who is suspected of planning to attack at least one church and is thought to have been involved in the killing of a woman near Paris, the French authorities said on Thursday
    • Chaldean diocese pleads for more aid as Iraqi refugee needs grow | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR
      Tensions have simmered between Lebanon’s Iraqi and Syrian refugee communities. Local laws don’t classify Iraqis as refugees, resulting in barriers to finding employment and earning income. By virtue of a previously established economic and social agreement between Syria and Lebanon, Syrians have typically been able to work in the country and enter just with an ID card. Iraqis, by contrast, need a passport to enter the country, and they face greater difficulties obtaining a work permit. Funding for Iraqi refugees from international NGOs and U.N. agencies has been squeezed as the number of Syrian refugees has grown.

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