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    • No Safety for Christians in the Mideast - The New York Times
      If they urge Western societies to give sanctuary to fellow Christians from the patchwork of denominations that have flourished in the Middle East, they risk accelerating the region’s de-Christianization and fanning xenophobia in European lands. If they do nothing, they stand accused of abandoning those who share their faith.
    • Syrian Christians: 'Help us to stay - stop arming terrorists' - Telegraph
      In Izraa, shop fronts have been painted in the Syrian flag to rouse nationalist fervour, the graffiti of past anti-government protests has been scrubbed out or painted over. Instead, the sense is of having been abandoned by other "Christian nations" such as America and Britain, no matter what the promises of their leaders are. As another priest in Izraa, who asked not to be named, put it: "Please tell Mr Cameron, we don't want any help or donations - but please, equally, stop arming terrorists."

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