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How the Modern Proverbs 31 Woman Uses Facebook

Study finds Christian women use social media differently than other women—and feel differently afterwards.

In the next 30 minutes, a quarter of practicing Christian women who use social media will check their accounts (26%). Within the next two hours, another quarter will check in (29%).

That’s according to an August survey by Barna Group and Proverbs 31 of 455 American women. ...

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Christian Radio Is Booming (If You Live 3.5 Miles Away)

Four out of five listeners are tuning in for the same reason.

Local Christian radio is booming in America—with emphasis on the local.

More than a third of low-power FM (LPFM) radio stations—whose non-commercial radio signals don’t reach farther than about 3.5 miles—are religious in nature, according to a poll from ...

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The First Country to Officially Defend Christians Persecuted by ISIS

Hungary has drawn criticism for favoring Christian over Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq.

This week, Hungary, which has during the past year come under pressure for its handling of Europe’s mass migration crisis, has become the first government to open an office specifically to address the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Europe.

“Today, ...

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Nicaragua Heeds Evangelicals (Not Catholics) on Missionary Restrictions

Church leaders disagreed on whether new regulations were problematic.

One month ago, Nicaragua declared that Protestant and Catholic missionaries weren’t allowed to enter the Central American nation unless they were first vetted by officials.

Overall, Catholics supported the goal to better regulate missionaries, but evangelicals—who ...

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Religion Boosts US Economy More Than Apple, Amazon, and Google Combined

Study offers best estimate yet of the 'value of faith' in America: $1.2 trillion.

A first-of-its-kind study takes an empirical look at the true “value” of faith.

A growing segment of religious nones, with their less-than-flattering views of the role of religious institutions, has led Georgetown University’s Brian Grim and Newseum Institute’s ...

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Howard Butt’s High Calling of Daily Work Is Done

The 89-year-old businessman and champion of work as a holy calling passed away Sunday evening.
Howard Butt’s High Calling of Daily Work Is Done
Lisa Krantz/San Antonio Express-News

“I just bootleg the gospel,” Howard Butt Jr. told 1,500 Baptist men in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1954. Butt meant he had no license to preach, but that didn’t stop him from doing it. The 89-year-old well-known author and speaker, as well as creator of the Laity ...

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| Theology

After Tweaking 29 Verses, Bible Translation Becomes Unchanging Word of God

The new permanent ESV echoes the example of the KJV.
After Tweaking 29 Verses, Bible Translation Becomes Unchanging Word of God

A popular Bible translation is now literally the unchanging Word of God.

The English Standard Version (ESV) received its final update this summer, 17 years after it was first authorized by Crossway, its publisher.

The translation oversight committee changed just 52 words across ...

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| Church and State; Research

Sorry, Trump: 3 in 4 Evangelicals Don't Want Pastors Endorsing Politicians from Pulpits

However, survey finds they also don't want pastors who do campaign to be punished.

Since the 1950s, the IRS has banned preachers from endorsing candidates during church services. Donald Trump has pledged to eliminate the ban, calling it his “greatest contribution to Christianity” if he is elected president.

However, most Americans—including ...

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| Research

Here's Why 800 Christians Left Their Old Churches, and How They Chose New Ones

Pew examines church shopping among evangelicals (and other groups) in 2016.

The American pastime of church shopping finally has some solid stats: how many Christians do it (and how often), why they left their last church, and why they picked their current one.

The Pew Research Center's new study, which categorizes respondents according to their denomination, ...

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| International

The Promised Law: Egypt Authorizes New Churches

(UPDATED) After more than 160 years, restrictions on church building—including requiring Christians to get permission from the country’s president—are finally eased.
The Promised Law: Egypt Authorizes New Churches
AP Photo/El Shorouk Newspaper, Roger Anis

Update (September 1):

Egypt’s parliament approved a new church-building law this week, relieving the nearly insurmountable requirements—some set by the Ottoman Caliphate in 1856—that Christians had to meet before constructing a church.

Along with asking the president ...

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