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Finding Time for Study

Finding Time for Study


You Spoke. We Listened.

Introducing the new Leadership Journal

My Three Seasons of Faith and Work

My Three Seasons of Faith and Work

How farmers, scientists, teachers, doctors, and a furnace repair man taught me to see all callings as holy.

Is Faith Sufficient for Membership?

Is Faith Sufficient for Membership?

A case study in leadership discernment

5 Good Ways to Welcome Strangers

5 Good Ways to Welcome Strangers

It’s not illegal to care for immigrants, whatever their status.

In Word, In Deed

In Word, In DeedSubscriber Access Only

Eugene Cho on the underrated need for quiet works of justice.
A Clear and Present Mission

A Clear and Present MissionSubscriber Access Only

Two churches point the way for providing needed legal services—and Christian outreach.
Immigration Is Me

Immigration Is Me

Loving the immigrants in our midst

Web Exclusives

Preparing for a Meaningful Advent

Preparing for a Meaningful Advent

Down-to-earth practices for a holy season. |
Calling 911

Calling 911Subscriber Access Only

Pursuing God's call to ministry has been anything but easy. |
Preaching Blind

Preaching BlindSubscriber Access Only

Disability isn't inability when Travis Freeman takes the pulpit. |
Where Has Grace Gone?

Where Has Grace Gone?

A conversation with Philip Yancey |

Latest from PARSE

The Intersection of Ministry & Culture

Preaching to the Affections

An Interview with Josh Moody

Church Decline Parallels Decline of the Middle Class

And other items from around the web.

Worth the Risk of Ebola

And other items from around the web.

Meet The Dones

And other items from around the web.


Losing Control

Losing ControlSubscriber Access Only

A pastor's worst nightmare leads to a new beginning. |
A Life to Die For …

A Life to Die For …Subscriber Access Only

Sanctification, theologically and spiritually, is a matter of life and death (not necessarily in that order). |
Everyone's Pastor, No One's Friend

Everyone's Pastor, No One's FriendSubscriber Access Only

Church leaders are seldom alone but often lonely. |
Control Tweaks

Control TweaksSubscriber Access Only

The right combination of structure and empowerment moved this church toward maturity. |


Convening Top Ministry Thinkers
Getting to 'Aha'

Getting to 'Aha'Subscriber Access Only

Kyle Idleman discusses three phases of transformation.
When Smaller Is Better

When Smaller Is BetterSubscriber Access Only

Effective small church ministry starts with a clearer view of success.
Changing the Scorecard

Changing the ScorecardSubscriber Access Only

Affirming everyone's vocation begins by changing the way we define ministry success.
No More Spectators

No More SpectatorsSubscriber Access Only

Equipping everyone to fulfill the Great Commission.
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