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3 Reasons Not to Confront by E-mail
Leadership Journal : Online Only

3 Reasons Not to Confront by E-mail

Douse flames face-to-face.
More than a "Church-Like Place"
Leadership Journal : Online Only

More than a "Church-Like Place"

Are you truly being the church or just going through the motions?
Back to School
Leadership Journal

Back to SchoolSubscriber Access Only

As Christian colleges and seminaries multiply your options for pursuing further education, now might be the time to start or finish that degree.
Leadership Journal

Flipping the SwitchSubscriber Access Only

A review of "Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.
The Isolation Generation
Leadership Journal

The Isolation GenerationSubscriber Access Only

Excessive Internet use, online gaming, and porn are rewiring the male brain
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Angie Ward

Leader's Insight: Ministry Gone Stale

Do leaders have a shelf life?
Angie Ward explains why many churches would benefit from concluding that some leaders' effectiveness will expire as a church grows. Leaders should also be willing to accept that they might have a shelf-life.

Leader's Insight: It's Not My Fault?

Why short-tenure leaders are doomed to repeat their excuses.
When leaders blame their circumstances or others for their repeated failures, they might lack the "teachability" that could prevent them from making the same mistakes over and over again.

Which Half-Brain Do You Lead With?Subscriber Access Only

Comparing the latest books by Andy Stanley and Tim Keel.
Angie Ward reviews two books, one written by Tim Keel and one written by Andy Stanley, highlighting how Stanley appeals to right-brained thinkers and Keel speaks to the left-brained mentality. Read together, however, these two books paint a more complete picture of leadership.

Full-Service Facilities

These churches are using their buildings to make an impact way beyond the weekend.
Ever wondered if your church space could be better utilized during the week? This article reveals how some churches have started finding additional ways to use their facilities.

Let the Little Children Come

These churches are learning to welcome children into their worship and mission.
This article reveals how some churches have abandoned the segregated approach to children's ministry and are choosing to integrate children into the life of the church.
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The Sanctified Brain

The Sanctified Brain

Growing in Christ … above the neck.
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Redeeming Your FailuresBuilding Church Leaders

Redeeming Your Failures

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