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Welcome to the new PARSE site. Run by the editors of Christianity Today's Leadership Journal, we're a publication for ministry practitioners—Christian leaders, pastors, mentors, practical theologians, lay leaders, and more—who need sharp cultural exegesis to inform their life's work.

Formerly Out of Ur, one of the most popular and influential ministry blogs in the world, we've honed our vision and redesigned our site to reach an expanding audience.

Linguists and biblical exegetes understand the need to correctly "parse" language in order to understand and communicate meaning. We see a need to parse our culture like one would parse a language—with an eye for meaning, beauty, and significant trends for ministry.

Frequently, attempts to understand culture in light of the Church's mission fail. Some are too simplistic; others lack the grounded experience to speak not just with knowledge, but with wisdom. So where can Christian leaders ...

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