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Overlooked: When Women Are Passed Over for Leadership
Research suggests a reason for this phenomenon beyond the glass ceiling. - Article
We commonly misinterpret displays of confidence as a sign of competence, we are fooled into believing that men are better leaders than women. … The
You Are Needed
The church—the entire body of Christ—needs women leaders. - Article
There's a place for all women and men, girls and boys, who come and gather around the table. There's room enough for all of us. Men and women who are your same age and stage.
Top 16 Articles of 2016
A snapshot of what we're all about. - Article
You can see that we haven't shied away from any hard topics—like working with men, ministering to people who don't like you, and sexism in the church.
Making Space for Women Leaders in the Church
The day my bubble burst about women in ministry. - Article
representation. In light of this, I had always operated under the assumption that women and men can be equally legitimate manifestations of God in this world.
Rise Above the Double Standard
Women leaders are forced to find an impossible golden mean between too much and not enough. - Article
Two men had listened in to a discussion between two women and their takeaway was that we'd had a catfight. Take over the hospitality ministry, but don't ask men to bake.
The Problem with Self-Esteem
God offers a better way. - Article
It turns out this is a real struggle for many women. “It's a very small difference,” Neff says, “but it's consistent: Women tend to be less self-compassionate than men.” According to her
Female Insights into the Christmas Story
Women bring unique perspectives when they teach the Word of God. - Article
In the past, I would have shied away from sharing these aspects of the text out of fear I would come across as “too feminine” or that the men in the audience wouldn't be able to relate.
Ladies Who Lunch—with Men
Do your coworkers follow the Billy Graham Rule? - Article
Ladies Who Lunch—with Men. Do your coworkers follow the Billy Graham Rule? Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. 0; tweet; email; print. Four months into
Trusting God When the Future Is Unknown
Will we enter God’s Promised Land for us in full faith? - Article
And now 12 men—one from each tribe of Israel—were selected to check out the land and return with a report (Numbers 13). These men had undoubtedly witnessed miracles.
Five Ways to Respond to Mansplaining
You’ve been invited to the table for a reason, and your team needs to hear what you have to say. - Article
The prevalence of the manologue is deeply rooted in the fact that men take, and are allocated, more time to talk in almost every professional setting. Men expound.
How to Minister to People Who Don’t Like You
Eight tips to love the hard-to-love. - Article
Men and women, singles and couples, and children of all ages joined the church. Small groups were formed for everyone: men, women, children, singles, and couples.
Don't Be That Woman
Culture wants to caricaturize women leaders. But God sees us in a different light. - Article
And yet, these tactics remain in less obvious ways. Their subtlety today actually makes them more dangerous, and they continue to have real effects on women and men.
Encourage More Women to Lead
Regardless of theology, we need to empower more women to use their gifts in the local church. - Article
In some theological frameworks, there are roles that only men can fill. In this case, it's important to be consistent and live out your theological convictions.
An Open Letter to Young Women Leaders
The glory of God is man—and woman—fully alive. - Article
that make you you. He's given you specific gifts and spectacular talents that mark you unique from all of the men and women around you. Now if that
Bravely Live Out Your Calling
Joan of Arc is a prophetic witness for us all. - Article
Charles. Jehanne, or, as she is now known, Joan of Arc, radically impacted European history and has inspired men, women, and children for generations.
The Tenacity of Women Leaders
Being a woman leader is hard, yet so many of you courageously live out your calling—and I’m thankful. - Article
On the other hand, women make up less than 40 percent of managers in the workplace—despite making up over half the US population— and they're paid nearly $11,000 less than men
I Don’t Fit the Senior Pastor Mold
But I’m leading in the way God has gifted me. - Article
historic 110-year-old church. In the North American evangelical church, the office of the senior pastor is primarily held by men. Consequently, I have never
How to Lead Dominating Male Leaders
Three things I’ve learned as I’ve led dominant men - Article
How to Lead Dominating Male Leaders. Three things I've learned as I've led dominant men. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 4. 0; tweet; email; print. It's a
How to Steward Your Ministry Well
What does it look like to invest in the resources God has entrusted to you? - Article
wages. This was an outrageous sum of money for three men who had very little resources of their own. What an amazing opportunity to prove themselves!
How to Be a Spiritual Mother
We all have a responsibility to guide younger leaders. - Article
women to act in the lives of their younger counterparts. Both men and women need spiritual mothers. In the early days of the church—with few models
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