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Ministry Marriages
Learn to appreciate each other’s gifts for a healthy ministry and marriage. - Article
My husband and I learned through trial, pain, and suffering how to appreciate the gifts, talents, and abilities God has embedded in each of us, miraculously avoiding the death of our
When People Leave: The Private Pain Of The Small Church Pastor
Even if the church is large and growing, it can be hard when people leave. But when the church is small, each loss is much more painful.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Christian UnityJanuary 19, 2018. When People Leave: The Private Pain Of The Small Church Pastor They deal with some serious pain when they finally make the decision to go.
The 4 Great Challenges of Christian Counseling
Pastors must prepare to bear these burdens as they meet with parishioners.
I have to live my life at home today and then deal with their struggles in the office tomorrow. I have to leave their pain at the foot of the cross.”. Challenge 3: Listening to people's pain.
Getting Past the Lie of Rejection
Five steps you can take to get back on track. - Article
Sitting comfortably on a back row of a worship center, unnoticed and safe in my own self-pity, seemed a more enticing option than working through my pain.
Make an Appointment with Your Heavenly Doctor
As we lead others, we can’t overlook our own need for God’s healing. - Article
Being in pain will cause us to do things we normally would not do. The pain becomes so great we resort back to what didn't work before, hoping for a different result.
Feeling the ‘Ugh’ at Christmastime
Can your church be honest about heartache this Advent?
No parent wants her kids to feel pain. I was tempted to distract from the turmoil and pain by putting on a Christmas movie, but ultimately I restrained myself.
Counseling Others When You Have Your Own "Me Too" Story
How to walk alongside sexual assault victims when you’ve been a victim yourself - Article
handle it the way we did. There's nothing to gain from comparing another woman's story—or the depth of her pain—to our own. Similarly, we can't assume
When You Feel Like a Failure
Whether you've truly failed―or you just feel like a failure―the experience can actually be a blessing. - Article
I cried whenever I divulged the truth of that awful meeting. Finally, feeling like I would never fully thrive unless I worked through the pain, I turned to a therapist.
Retirement Savings and the Rule of 72s
What pastors and church staff can learn about the power of compounding. - Article
I was too timid in exposing any asset to risk.”. Psychological studies have shown that the pain of loss in the stock market is more powerful than the joy of gains.
Find Your Prophetic Voice
First steps you can take to learn to speak out against injustice - Article
When I can tell them my experience and ask them to feel my pain and lament with me, it takes the issue from simply being a concept to being a real issue that affects real lives.
Sleep: The Neglected Gift
As a pastor, I learned I needed to embrace God's gift of sleep. - Article
In a year, I lost 27 pounds, resulting in a decrease in pain and 2 dress sizes. But I still dragged through each day as if there were a weight on my back.
The Enneagram for Pastors
9 different ways pastors look at the world, and what it might mean for your ministry.
You have some gifts for ministry that are unparalleled. You can bear witness to pain without having to fix it, and your ideas are best expressed though stories and symbols and liturgy.
Join Our Summer Study Group
Meet with women from across the country for community, encouragement, and discussion. - Article
the loneliness. I hear it from leaders all the time. As I edited our devotional, Live Your Calling, this deep pain was at the forefront of my mind. That's why
SCOTUS Christian Hospital Ruling • Televangelism Network Lawsuit • Treasurer Embezzlement: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
Crouch, who co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network empire with her late husband Paul, caused her granddaughter Carra Crouch, now 24, years of emotional pain and suffering. .
3 Questions to Ask a Counselor Before You Get Started
How to discern if he or she is the right person to counsel you - Article
Vicarious trauma is “the emotional residue of exposure [that helpers have] from working with people as they are hearing their trauma and become witnesses to the pain, fear, and terror
A Dying Pastor Reflects on His Legacy
With less than a month to live, Buddy Hoffman discusses the highs and lows of 40 years in ministry.
In October of 2016, Buddy received an epidural steroid injection to relieve pain from a ruptured, bulging disk in his back. The kingdom is bigger than any momentary pain.
My Biggest Ministry Mistake
Ten leaders weigh in to help others avoid their mishaps. - Article
to help prevent this tragedy. Such memories bring a mixture of shame, pain, and regret—a feeling that most of us prefer to avoid. But no matter how smart
The Leadership Strength of Vulnerability
In a moment of defenselessness, my husband became a great leader.
He pushed forward in ministry, pretending it didn't hurt, pretending the pain wasn't eating him alive from the inside. Growing up, I was taught that pain was mental.
The Zika Virus and International Church Trips
What churches need to know before they travel. - Article
states. “The most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. Other symptoms include muscle pain and headache.”.
Did I Hear God Right?
Just because you feel like a failure doesn’t mean you weren’t called by God. - Article
It was my hope that I would be there for the rest of my life. But at church one night, my pain became overwhelming. I looked to my husband and whispered, "I need to go. I'm not well.".
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