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5 Markers of Church Progress

What had God accomplished in our church? I didn't really know until I ran out of gas on the interstate one day. My fuel gauge read full, but, in reality, it was empty.

I didn't have a clue where I was. So, I got out of my van and walked to the nearest mile-marker. I noted the number on the post and turned around with a sense of hope. I didn't know where I was, but I had a reference point. I wasn't really lost. I was now able to phone for help with the assurance I would be rescued!

Suddenly I appreciated how important mile-markers are. Even when we're not stranded, mile-markers are helpful indicators of direction and reminders that we're making progress.

Sometimes in ministry, we need mile-markers to let us know what kind of progress we're making. I began looking for mile-markers in our church's ministry.

No markers on a merry-go-round

No one intentionally decides to become the pastor of a dying church. Any church can be difficult to pastor, but who wants to be known as the funeral director ...

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