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To Publish a PredatorConnor Tarter / Flickr

To Publish a Predator

Jun 16 2014
What the regrettable Leadership Journal post reminds us about the nature of sexual abuse.

How many more young women and men have to be abused or raped before we understand this? How many more until we take seriously the importance of a person's character as much as their ability to draw a crowd? How many more until we ensure our seminary graduates are people of character, not just people of knowledge? How many more until we stop blaming victims? How many more until we stop pretending we can handle clergy sexual abuse by ourselves, privately?

No church knowingly gives positions of power and prestige in our churches, religious organizations, and publications to people they believe are sexual predators. But can we at least, quickly and openly, deal with these leaders once we discover them?

From: June 2014

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