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MLB Wife Julianna Zobrist: ‘Baseball Is All My Kids Have Ever Known’

Mar 23 2016
How the Christian singer and her Chicago Cubs husband keep faith and family first.

When your husband and his team win the World Series, you’d think that’d be the most exciting moment of the year for your family. Or at least, the week. But not for Julianna Zobrist—wife of Ben Zobrist, second baseman during the Kansas City Royals’ winning season last year.

Just a few days after the Royals took home the title, musician Julianna had her own big victory, releasing her single “Alive.” And, after enduring the tension of the championship with a full-term pregnant belly, she gave birth to their third child.

The Zobrists’ packed World Series week showcases the twin pressures of career and family for professional athletes—a topic that recently reemerged in the MLB. Last week, Adam LaRoche opted to leave the Chicago White Sox after the club requested he limit the time his son joined him at work. Baseball fans debated if LaRoche’s family-first expectations were reasonable. Though fans have also questioned whether players should miss games for the birth of a child, the MLB became the first pro sports league to set an official paternity leave policy in 2011.

With a seven-year-old son, four-year-old daughter, and five-month-old baby girl, the Zobrists are once again heading into a new season—this time with the Chicago Cubs. Over a decade of friendship with Julianna, I’ve watched her family grow as she and Ben follow their careers in Christian music and baseball. During spring training, we caught up to discuss her experience as an MLB wife. She told me what it’s like to maintain a marriage, manage a family, and grow in faith, all while following around a professional baseball team… and writing and recording her own music.

What do you think it says about God’s timing for your family to experience a World Series win, the release of your new single, and the birth of a baby all within the span of a few days?

It speaks so much of his sovereignty and care for us, and his humor. I am thankful that at the time I found out I was pregnant, I did not know everything else that was ahead. That may have sent me into a panic. Who could have guessed we would be traded to a team that would go on to win the World Series? Who could have guessed my single would be slated for that very same time?

We landed in Nashville after winning the World Series and in less than 24 hours, I went into labor and little Blaise Royal was born, on the day my single “Alive” was released. You can’t plan that stuff, but God does. In his sovereign and kind way, he knew what I could and could not handle. He had our days planned out for us and was simply asking me to trust him.

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