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The Puzzle that Is Ebola

We’ve read lots about the spread of Ebola, but not much about the science behind the virus itself. This week’s long read helps here, as well as showing what we don’t know. Reading about Ebola does tend to concentrate the mind on some of life’s sobering realities, instilling in us something akin to “the fear of the Lord.”

Don’t Sit Behind a Sick Passenger

Speaking of viruses, ...

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Issue 11 / December 11, 2014
  1. Editors’ Note
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    Perhaps smaller than a fraction of a fraction. /

  3. Tiny Creatures of Great Worth

    Bacteria: there are trillions of them. And many are on our side. /

  4. All Streams Lead to Christ

    The splendor of God’s revelation is that it is both manifold and one. /

  5. Gaudete

    Which is to say, rejoice! /

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