Editors’ Note

This is our pain issue. Sort of. We move from the man born blind to a "pain train" to "dead" frogs to drug haze. Each article is followed by grace, however. From sight to insight to revival to salvation.

Such is the nature of wonder. It results from looking at life at its worst and life at its best. For God by his grace manages to use the former to bless with the latter.

It represents the core of The Behemoth: as you may recall from the initial essay of our first issue, it was in the midst of Job's great suffering that God showed him the great and glorious beast.

That God would use this paradoxical means to instill us with awe—well, that is a wonder as well.

The Editors

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Also in this Issue

Issue 2 / August 7, 2014
  1. When the Eyes of the Blind Are Opened

    New science shows us what exactly Jesus healed in the man born blind. /

  2. A Behemoth from Winnipeg

    How the band The Guess Who inadvertently sounded a gospel note. /

  3. Revival of the Frozen ‘Dead’

    The common wood frog is anything but common /

  4. God, LSD, and the Summer of Love

    The unusual (to say the least) conversions of four San Francisco hippies: an excerpt. /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Links to amazing stuff

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