Editors’ Note

We’re playing with your mind in this issue. Rob Moll’s article discusses how a healthy brain is essential to spiritual growth (and how spiritual disciplines make the brain healthier). Dylan Demarsico tests the logical limits of future and present, time and eternity. And we’ve included “Hurrahing in Harvest” by Gerard Manley Hopkins, a poem perfect for this time of year.

This is our foray into poetry. We recognized early on that if we want to evoke wonder and awe, poetry is especially suited to that end. We’ll do our best to choose poems, new and old, that convey the mystery of creation without simply mystifying us. Those that mystify but are still wonder-full, we’ll help navigate—as we do in the final piece in this issue, where Brett Beasley offers a meditation on Hopkins’s poem.

—Mark Galli, editor

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Also in this Issue

Issue 8 / October 30, 2014
  1. Heavenly Minded and Earthly Good

    Spiritual transformation has a lot to do with the brain. /

  2. The Gospel in Your Pocket

    In some ways the best that is yet to come already is. /

  3. Hurrahing in Harvest

    How autumn can help us ‘glean our Savior.’ /

  4. Fall’s Barbarous Beauty

    From summer to school to the Savior via Gerard Manely Hopkins. /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Links to amazing stuff

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