To the Oldest Recorded Supernova

‘After two millennia / You are still here’ /

The wise Chinese Saw your finest final light With their own eyes. To them you were new And incongruously bright— So they honored you With a name: Guest Star, As if you had wandered Into their well‐mapped skies From some far country, Bearing radiant news. I wonder if they mourned Your sudden loss From their inky night, Thinking you’d gone Forever After such a short time. And yet— After two ...

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Issue 9 / November 13, 2014
  1. Editors’ Note
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    Being a friend of sinners with discernment and love. /

  3. Big Eaters

    The cells that protect and defend us—by eating lunch. /

  4. The Day God Died

    The most terrible and wonderful moment in history. /

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    Links to amazing stuff

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