Editors’ Note

We at The Behemoth often talk about things that amaze us. Or things that fill us with wonder or awe. Much of the time, we’re thinking about the intricate details of life: the little known facts about something as common as paper. Or something surprising and fascinating, like the emperor penguin. Or, as our poem describes, the way God shows up “disguised as everything.”

What may go unsaid is that we often find these things wondrous because they are also beautiful to behold. The beauty instills wonder, and the wonder leads us to bask in the beauty. In this issue’s opening article, Matt Woodley doesn’t just bask in beauty; he tells us it’s a clue to something else. Something really big. It could almost be considered the theme for every issue of The Behemoth.


—Mark Galli, co-editor

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Issue 17 / March 5, 2015
  1. The Problem of Beauty

    It’s a clue that leads us to the most magnificent of places. /

  2. The Good News on Paper

    13 amazing facts about a material used by millions to feed the soul. /

  3. ‘Beauteous Duck’

    The emperor penguin is an animal from which myths are made. /

  4. O Sapientia

    ‘My Ground of Being, always grounding me.’ /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Links to amazing stuff /

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