Editor's Note from October 15, 2015

Issue 33: Martian gardens, making choices in Colombia, and a relatively instantaneous trip. /

One of the core convictions of this magazine is that God is bigger than we understand, and his world is bigger than we can know. Time seems to be a constant spring of vastness for us. Our history articles hit this in one way—“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there,” as L.P. Hartley said. But our articles this issue ponder the wonders of time more directly. Chad Meeks tells us how time would look to a photon. Morgan Lee wrestles with the finitude of her days. Seth Ratliff wonders about Christians’ cultural mandate in the distant future, millions of miles away. And in our poem this issue, Elizabeth Barrett Browning celebrates the changing season. Time to read!

By the way, some great news: We’re hiring a science editor! Know someone who would help us find great stories and tell them well? Know someone who loves Jesus, the serial comma, and p-values? Please introduce us and send them the job description.

And thanks to everyone who took our recent survey. It really is helping us make better decisions about the magazine. Still have something to suggest we write about? Or wish we’d stop doing? Let us know. I used to hate email, but getting comments from The Behemoth subscribers makes my day.

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Also in this Issue

Issue 33 / October 15, 2015
  1. Can We Farm Mars? Should We?

    We’ve found evidence of flowing water. Next up: Planting crops? /

  2. The Breaking with Dawn

    Can I have the meteor shower and the sunrise? Must a moment cost me? /

  3. A Ray of Light: The Timeless Life of a Photon

    The journey of 15 quintillion miles would seem instantaneous. /

  4. The Autumn

    ‘For every breath that stirs the trees, /Doth cause a leaf to fall.’ /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Issue 33: Links to amazing stuff.

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