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Issue 54: Links to amazing stuff.

The Physics of the Fish Kick

The 2016 Olympic Games begin this weekend! If you’re a fan of swimming, kick off the events by reading this piece on the physics of a medal-winning stroke: the fish kick. Experts in stroke mechanics have discovered that swimming beneath the surface of the water is much faster than swimming on the surface. The fish kick, which mimics the horizontal wiggle of most fish, could be the fastest subsurface stroke yet. But ...

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Issue 54 / August 4, 2016
  1. Editor's Note from August 04, 2016

    Issue 54: Antarctic ice, Alaskan bears, running mysteries, and wild babies. /

  2. The Last Desert

    Pilgrimages on Antarctica’s wild ice. /

  3. His Hand Feeds Us Both

    Thoughts on bears from an Alaska fisherwoman. /

  4. What It Takes to Run

    The saying about running as “a controlled fall” is deeply true. /

  5. Aw and Wonder in the Baby Animal Kingdom

    A photographer looks at the wild’s cute, tiny, and vulnerable. /

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