The best evangelical contributions of 1962, in the judgment ofCHRISTIANITY TODAY’Seditorial staff, are listed below. The selections propound evangelical perspectives in a significant way, or apply biblical doctrines effectively to modern currents of thought and life. These are not the only meritorious volumes, nor do they in every case necessarily reflect the convictions of all evangelical groups.

BERKOUWER, G. C.: Man: The Image of God (Eerdmans, 376 pp., $6). Eighth volume of “Studies in Dogmatics,” which are studies in depth by a master theologian.

BOETTNER, LORAINE: Roman Catholicism (Presbyterian and Reformed, 466 pp., $5.95). Contrasting emphases in Roman Catholicism and evangelical Protestantism.

BRUCE, F. F.: The Epistle to the Ephesians (Revell, 140 pp., $3). Written particularly for the general reader, but also rewarding for the serious student.

BUSWELL, J. OLIVER: A Systematic Theology of the Christian Religion (Zondervan, 430 pp., $6.95). The first of two volumes, it provides a useful treatment of theism and anthropology.

DOUGLAS, J. D., ed.: The New Bible Dictionary (Eerdmans, 1375 pp., $12.95). A significant contribution to its field; rich in scholarship, comprehensive in coverage.

GORDON, ERNEST: Through the Valley of the Kwai (Harper, 257 pp., $3.95). The sustaining light of faith in a Japanese horror camp for prisoners of war.

GUTHRIE, DONALD: New Testament Introduction: Hebrews to Revelation (Inter-Varsity, 320 pp., $4.95). A useful study, embracing latest literature on the subject.

HENRY, CARL F. H., ed.: Basic Christian Doctrines (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 302 pp., $6). Perceptive and literate expositions by an international complement of scholars.

HUGHES, PHILIP E.: Commentary on the Second Epistle to the Corinthians (Eerdmans, 508 pp., $6). Skillful exegesis, evincing acquaintance with ancient and modern authorities and spiritual insight.

KOLLER, CHARLES W.: Expository Preaching Without Notes (Baker, 132 pp., $2.50). Instruction in use of the preaching method indicated in the title.

MCKINNEY, GEORGE D.: The Theology of Jehovah’s Witnesses (Zondervan, 130 pp., $2.50). Analysis of the main tenets of one of the largest and fastest-growing sects in the world.

MURCH, JAMES DEFOREST: Teach or Perish! (Eerdmans, 117 pp., $3). A spirited plea for the revitalizing of Christian education at the local church level.

PAYNE, J. BARTON: The Theology of the Older Testament (Zondervan, 554 pp., $6.95). Scholarly study organized around the theme of “testament.”

PFEIFFER, CHARLES F. and HARRISON, EVERETT F.: The Wycliffe Bible Commentary (Moody, 1525 pp., $11.95). Compressed biblical exposition with balance of the practical and the scholarly.

PFEIFFER, CHARLES F.: Exile and Return (Baker, 137 pp., $3.50). Background material which enriches Bible reading of a significant period of Old Testament history.

POLLOCK, J. C.: Hudson Taylor and Maria (McGraw-Hill, 212 pp., $4.95). New source materials highlight the early missionary adventures and married life of China Inland Mission’s founder.

POLMAN, A. D. R.: The Word of God According to St. Augustine (Eerdmans, 242 pp., $5). A valuable study of Augustine’s theology of the Scriptures.

REDDING, DAVID A.: The Parables He Told (Revell, 177 pp., $3). Style has the polish of old silver, message has the ring of the present.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM CHILDS: The Reformation: A Rediscovery of Grace (Eerdmans, 189 pp., $5). The testimony of the Reformation to enduring theological and ecumenical concerns.

SAUER, ERICH: The King of the Earth (Eerdmans, 256 pp., $3.95). Science and the Scriptures undergird a reverent study of man created, fallen, redeemed, and restored to kingly honor.

SCHOOLLAND, MARIAN M.: Leading Little Ones to God (Eerdmans, 286 pp., $3.95). A guide to parents in teaching children about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

UNGER, MERRILL F.: Archaeology and the New Testament (Zondervan, 350 pp., $4.95). Archaeological light ably cast upon the New Testament world.

VAN TIL, CORNELIUS: Christianity and Barthianism (Presbyterian and Reformed, 450 pp., $6.95). A driving rejection of Barth’s theology as speculative, dialectical, and hostile to evangelical Christianity.

ZORN, RAYMOND O.: Church and Kingdom (Presbyterian and Reformed, 228 pp., $3.75). Reformed treatment of the relationship between the Church and the kingdom of God.

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