What are the attitudes toward Negro students at evangelical colleges and Bible schools in North America?

In a survey conducted by CHRISTIANITY TODAY, twenty-six such institutions in the United States and two in Canada were asked to describe their admission policy on North American Negroes.

Of the twenty-three that replied, seventeen chose to say, “We admit qualified Negroes if they apply to us.”

Three checked the answer: “We admit qualified Negroes and pursue an active program aimed at attracting both white and Negro students to our campus.”

Two schools wrote in their own answers, both indicating open policies, and one school checked the answer: “We admit qualified Negro students but heretofore have not done very much to attract them or encourage them. We are concerned about the general low Negro enrollment in Christian institutions and seek ways to meet the problem.”

The schools were also asked: “To what extent do Negro students mix with white students? Does an integrated student body create problems on campus?” Here are some of the answers:

“General socialization excellent. Mixed racial dating prohibited.” “Negro students say they feel accepted on our campus.” “There is free mingling. All participate in all activities.” “Dating is the biggest issue. Culturally, most whites are not ready to accept ‘mixed’ marriages.”

Other schools indicated that race problems were either minimal or non-existent. And, in general, the questionnaires give the impression of an evangelical academic world that is uniformly agreed on the main issue of accepting or not accepting the Negro on campus, though not unanimous on inter-racial dating, courtship, ...

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